Learn The Thai Alphabet – Decode Those Funny Symbols With Ease

Learn The Thai Alphabet

Now that you know how to make money in Thailand, and how to save money in Thailand, it’s time to learn to read Thai! This amazing system will teach you the Thai Alphabet by associating simple images with each symbol. It’s a really cool way to do it! Click the link to read all the …

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Save Money In Thailand

Save Money In Thailand

This e-book is a great companion to the “How To Make Money In Thailand” e-book I discussed earlier. If you are starting a business in Thailand, you’ll want to economize and save money on everything you do while getting your income stream up and running. This book covers it all. With a strong slant on …

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How To Make Money In Thailand

Make Money In Thailand

I was looking for information about living in Thailand as an expat when I found this fantastic resource. The authors, Mike and Christopher, are expert expats who actually live in Pattaya, Thailand. They guide you though every aspect of making money in Thailand in numerous ways. Not just a rewritten “how to blog” book like …

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The Expat Basic Training Manual

I’ve added a page that reviews the Expat Basic Training Manual, an exceptional Philippine Expat Guide, that is filled with years of detailed research and experiences. This guide is a fantastic reference to everything you need to know about living in the Philippines.

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The Philippine Expat Survival Guide

Hey – welcome to the Expat Survival Guide website! We’re glad you found us. Since you are here, you must be looking for information on the Philippine Islands. Well, you came to the right place! Whether you are moving, retiring or just want to live here in the Philippines, the Expat Survival Guide will hook …

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